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Building the Future of Encounter Church


Encounter Church in Great Bend is committed to creating a legacy of community outreach, and our facility is a huge part of our ministry. Our building is a vessel that allows us to invite the lost to join us. It allows believers to fellowship together. It allows our staff to facilitate programming. Most of our facility had not been renovated in more than 2 decades, and as we've grown over the years, there are have been needs identified that our current layout did not accommodate.

So in early 2020, Senior Pastor Dwight Dozier announced the Legacy Campaign, a multi-step plan for church-wide renovations to take place over 3-4 years as funds are available. The primary goals for the campaign being:

1) Make the church facility more welcoming and easier to navigate

2) Consolidate church staff into one wing of the church and free up current offices for programming

3) Add a coffee bar space near the main lobby to make encountering friends easier

4) Improve the furnishings in the main Worship Center to be more versatile and accessible

Photo Jun 18, 1 54 52 AM.jpg
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Shortly after the Legacy Campaign was announced, the pandemic shut-down began in 2020, so the timeline was hampered somewhat with the church facing other priorities.

However, the children's wing in the southeast corner of the facility, called The Neighborhood, was able to be completed utilizing the idle time without children utilizing the spaces several times per week. The new, modern classrooms were reconfigured and technology updated to give us lots of options for Sunday School, Wednesday night classes, and other programs.

From there, work quickly began on the northeast wing, gutting the space to make room for a new office suite so that all staff members can be centrally located on the end of the building that faces Patton Road. This new office suite features several individual offices, a conference room, and an open view of the entrance, making it easier for staff to monitor who is coming and going out of the church building during the business day. Freeing up the staff's former offices that were scattered throughout the building will now free up those spaces for classrooms and church events.

The office wing is currently underway, and is expected to be completed later in 2021. From there, we continue to pray for provision and God's blessings so we can continue the Legacy Campaign from there!

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Over the next few years, we hope to not only create more usable, beautiful spaces in our facility that will open up opportunities for mentorship, discipleship, and fellowship, but we also want to streamline our operation and improve the longevity of our facility to make it usable for years to come!


If you're ready to help contribute to the big picture things God is doing at Encounter Church in Great Bend, we invite you to fill out the form below to make a pledge - either a one time gift or a recurring donation between now and the completion of the Legacy Campaign. God will richly bless those who give in faith! All gifts are tax deductible, and year-end giving statements will be provided in January each year.

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