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Meet our Campus Pastor

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

We say campus pastor because Encounter Church Sterling is a daughter church of Encounter Church Great Bend. Our pastor is a staff member of Encounter Church, one church on two campuses. Wayne and Jackie Beaver accepted the pastoral assignment in March of 2021.

For most of his career, Pastor Wayne was a biblical studies teacher and administrator at Cincinnati Christian School. He spent nearly 40 years working with teens and parents. For six years of that time, he also served as pastor of Living Faith Assembly in nearby Oxford, Ohio.

In addition to the hundreds of unnamed tasks of a pastor’s wife, Jackie organizes our worship music for Sunday mornings. Jackie has a rich background in vocal music performance and choral direction.

So, what does a campus pastor do? In our case, basically what any local pastor does- preach, counsel, pray, and offer a helping hand where needed. Come meet the pastor and the friendly members of our congregation. We would be glad for you to join us in worship.

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